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Toilet Maintenance—Failed Wax Seals Can Cost You !!!

While we use them daily, many folks don’t know exactly how a toilet functions, or the components used when one is installed.  We’ll bypass the functioning part, but there is an installation component, which should be changed every so often, that most people are woefully unaware of.  I refer to the wax seal or ring that a toilet sits on top of which seals around the very base of the toilet and the drain line opening directly underneath it.  These components should be changed whenever a toilet is replaced, or pulled up to snake a line, or whenever a toilet has had to have excessive plunging done on it.  They should also be replaced every 5 –10 years due to age and decay.  Failure to do so can result in slow and insidious leaks which can damage the ceiling and walls of the unit below.  Sometimes mold can start.  And the thing is, this component is the responsibility of each owner to maintain and replace.  So if damages to an adjacent unit occur because of a failed wax ring, you will be responsible for the cost of repairs.  We’ve seen a number of such wax ring leaks and associated damages here at West Ocean, so please take heed and take action if warranted. 

Trash Chute Door System Status

The pneumatic system that operates the trash chute doors on all the floors is failing.  On several floors our Engineer has had to remove the red operating button and disengage the chute door from the system to allow it to operate manually.  The Chute Doctor has provided a report on this issue which notes the system is antiquated and likely not repairable.  Installing a new system would be quite cost prohibitive, so we’ve asked them to research the issue further.  We hope to be able to put a set of options in front of the Board at their January meeting.  Please look for updates on this matter in the coming weeks, and if your chute door has been impacted, please open and close manually when disposing of your trash. 

Cigarette Butt Disposal

Sadly, this is not the first time I’ve ever written about this topic, but I suppose as a High Rise Manager it is somewhat inevitable… Recently, I have again been contacted with a flurry of folks complaining that they regularly find cigarette butts and/or trash on their balconies due to residents above them not taking the time or being courteous enough to properly dispose of these items. More than one owner has sent me pictures of burnt and damaged furniture due to this type of thoughtlessness. Our Rules & Regulations strictly prohibit this type of behavior and if caught hearings are called and significant fines are levied.

Well, it’s Holiday time, and unfortunately I’m writing about this topic, but with the winds and weather, it is more critical than ever for folks to abide by the simple rules of never allowing anything, especially cigarette butts, to be blown or thrown from their balconies. Please help us with this small, neighborly act and take a moment to dispose of butts and trash properly. Thanks very much, and Happy Holidays…

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