Welcome to West Ocean

Book Club!

We welcome you to join us on Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 at 7pm in the Tower 2 Multi-Purpose Room to discuss the book “The Pecan Man” by Cassie Dandridge Selleck. This is an open event for the residents & their guests who would like to join us.

“In the summer of 1976, recently widowed and childless Ora Lee Beckworth hires a homeless old black man to mow her lawn. The neighborhood children call him the Pee-can Man; their mothers call them inside whenever he appears. When he is arrested for murder, only Ora knows the truth about the man she calls Eddie. But truth is a fickle thing, and a lie is self-perpetuating. Ora and her maid Blanche soon find themselves in a web of lies that send an innocent man to prison for the rest of his life. Twenty-five years later, Ora sets out to tell the truth about the Pecan Man.

Listen as she begins her story: “Blanche worked for me through birth and death, joy and sorrow and Lord knows we had a lot of sorrow in all the time we spent under this roof. Most people figured she was crazy to put up with me all those years, but Blanche and I had an understanding. It was a vow we made back in 1976. Neither of us spoke of it afterwards, but it hung between us like a spider web, fragile and easy to break, but danged hard to get shed of once the threads took hold.”” – Amazon

Sound interesting? If so, start reading and join us on Wednesday, March 21st at 7pm in the Tower 2 Multi-Purpose Room. We hope to see you there!

Bridge Club!

West Ocean Residents,

Join us every Tuesday night at 7pm for a fun and relaxed playing environment! Now on Tuesday nights in the Tower 1 Banquet Room (on the Tuesdays when there’s a Board Meeting, we will meet in the Tower 2 Multi-Purpose Room). This is a great way to meet other West Ocean residents! We hope to see you there!

Travel Club!

“On Monday March 5th at 6:30 p.m. in Tower 2 Multi-Purpose Room, we will be visiting Iran. Our speaker Vali Dashti visited his homeland after 6 years and is going to share his stories from Ahwaz, Kohrang, Tehran and Bandar Anzali.

We are also going to celebrate the Persian New Year, which is called Nowruz in Farsi, which is celebrated worldwide by Iranians, along with some other groups, as the beginning of the New Year and the first day of spring. Join us to see a traditional Haft-seen table compliments of Akram Dashti, which is a tabletop arrangement of seven symbolic items traditionally displayed at Nowruz.

If you are interested in joining the meeting, please let us know by RSVP to htourians@gmail.com. Please bring your own drinks and a dish to pass. Look forward to sharing many travel stories with you.” – Travel Club

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