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West Ocean Pet Rules & Protocols

Our Pet Rules are pretty standard for homeowners associations, in that domestic dogs, cats, birds or other customary household pets may be kept in each Unit, provided that they are not kept, bred or maintained for commercial purposes or in unreasonable quantities. Notwithstanding, no more than two (2) pets total, in any combinations, whether dogs or cats, may be kept in each Unit (effective 12/15/15). As specified in the Association’s CC&Rs, No person may keep an animal that is determined by the Board to be a nuisance to other residents.  The Board has the power and discretion to determine whether the type, size or number of animals kept by any resident are a nuisance, and the Board shall have the power to abate the nuisance through any legal procedure that is available to the Association.  All pets should be suitable for living in confined quarters.  Animals belonging to Owners, tenants, residents or guests, must be kept in the Unit (and shall not be left or located on the terrace/patio/balcony element of the Unit at any time). When outside the Unit, animals must be kept under control of a Person capable of controlling the animal either on a leash or other appropriate restraint. Furthermore, each Owner shall be absolutely liable to each and all remaining Owners, their families, tenants, residents and guests, for damages or injuries caused by any animals brought or kept on the Properties by an Owner, by members of the Owner’s Family, or by the Owner’s tenants, residents or guests.

Pets must not be allowed to relieve themselves in interior common Areas or Exclusive Use Areas such as balconies and patios. Each Pet Owner shall immediately remove any animal waste or clean other unsanitary conditions caused by such Owner’s animals on any portion of the Properties or any public street or private roadway abutting or visible from the property. If a Pet Owner needs assistance in properly cleaning up a soiled area inside the common areas, they are to immediately notify the Front Desk Associate for housekeeping assistance in order to ensure proper and sanitary cleaning. All Pet Owners shall carry with them the necessary means to remove animal waste. If a Pet Owner fails to immediately remove any animal waste or clean other unsanitary conditions caused by such Pet Owner’s animals, such Pet Owner may be subject to a Special Assessment or other Board imposed action, including prohibiting the pet in the Properties.

All animals, excluding Service dogs, must be carried, or walked on a short leash, and under complete control of their owner and/or handler when entering or exiting the building.  Animals, excluding Service dogs, are not allowed in the pool deck area or any other common area other than in hallways and elevators going to or from their units.  Dogs and cats are allowed access to the various parking levels if they are being taken to or from a vehicle.

The Board requires that all dogs and cats be registered with building management.

Contractor Selection Process at West Ocean

We’d like to provide some clarification on unit owners’ ability to select and utilize contractors and service providers for everyday maintenance work, as well as larger repairs and remodeling work in their units. While West Ocean does keep a list of vendors that provide a variety of services, these are vendors for whom we have licensing and insurance information on file, and for which we’ve gotten good reviews from other owners, and in some cases from staff when they have done work on behalf of the Association. We keep this list as a way to assist unit owners. However, unit owners are not “required” to use these vendors; you can utilize any contractor or vendor you select, but they must submit current licensing and general liability and workers compensation insurance certificates to Association personnel – before they arrive to do any work. This allows us to confirm all is in order, which we also do as a service for our residents in case this information wasn’t previously checked. So when looking for a service provider or contractor to perform general maintenance work or more major renovations or remodeling, please keep this information in mind, and if you have any questions at all, reach out to our Management Team for assistance.

Reporting Leaks and Overflows: Immediate Actions to Take

As our Towers continue to age, as all buildings do, we will likely have more plumbing related issues.  Recently, the Front Desk Staff was provided with some additional information on how to qualify and handle reports of leaks and overflows.  This was done to assist them with understanding the types of leak/overflows that occur, what needs to be done by residents and staff, and how to expedite the steps involved. 

We’d also like to provide some information to residents to assist with such events when they occur.  The most common water events we experience are overflows of sinks and toilets, due to blockages in the line, bathtub overflows, leaks in supply lines and drain lines, and leaks from plumbing fixtures such as ….  pin-hole pipe leaks – could be anywhere behind the walls, and angle stop leaks—the valve behind toilet, under sinks, etc.  If you ever experience one of these issues, do you best to stop the flow of water and immediately call the front desk.  Be prepared to answer a short series of questions so the staff member can qualify the nature of the leak or overflow.  They will immediately contact our Engineer who will take the appropriate action based on the information relayed to them by our Front Desk Team member.  If our housekeeping staff is still on site they are also informed to go to your unit to assist in whatever way possible.  In the event of a larger leak or overflow, we also have basic equipment onsite to assist with cleanups until the emergency restoration company arrives onsite, which is part of our protocol during any major water loss event.

Toilet Maintenance—Failed Wax Seals Can Cost You !!!

While we use them daily, many folks don’t know exactly how a toilet functions, or the components used when one is installed.  We’ll bypass the functioning part, but there is an installation component, which should be changed every so often, that most people are woefully unaware of.  I refer to the wax seal or ring that a toilet sits on top of which seals around the very base of the toilet and the drain line opening directly underneath it.  These components should be changed whenever a toilet is replaced, or pulled up to snake a line, or whenever a toilet has had to have excessive plunging done on it.  They should also be replaced every 5 –10 years due to age and decay.  Failure to do so can result in slow and insidious leaks which can damage the ceiling and walls of the unit below.  Sometimes mold can start.  And the thing is, this component is the responsibility of each owner to maintain and replace.  So if damages to an adjacent unit occur because of a failed wax ring, you will be responsible for the cost of repairs.  We’ve seen a number of such wax ring leaks and associated damages here at West Ocean, so please take heed and take action if warranted. 

Trash Chute Door System Status

The pneumatic system that operates the trash chute doors on all the floors is failing.  On several floors our Engineer has had to remove the red operating button and disengage the chute door from the system to allow it to operate manually.  The Chute Doctor has provided a report on this issue which notes the system is antiquated and likely not repairable.  Installing a new system would be quite cost prohibitive, so we’ve asked them to research the issue further.  We hope to be able to put a set of options in front of the Board at their January meeting.  Please look for updates on this matter in the coming weeks, and if your chute door has been impacted, please open and close manually when disposing of your trash. 

Cigarette Butt Disposal

Sadly, this is not the first time I’ve ever written about this topic, but I suppose as a High Rise Manager it is somewhat inevitable… Recently, I have again been contacted with a flurry of folks complaining that they regularly find cigarette butts and/or trash on their balconies due to residents above them not taking the time or being courteous enough to properly dispose of these items. More than one owner has sent me pictures of burnt and damaged furniture due to this type of thoughtlessness. Our Rules & Regulations strictly prohibit this type of behavior and if caught hearings are called and significant fines are levied.

Well, it’s Holiday time, and unfortunately I’m writing about this topic, but with the winds and weather, it is more critical than ever for folks to abide by the simple rules of never allowing anything, especially cigarette butts, to be blown or thrown from their balconies. Please help us with this small, neighborly act and take a moment to dispose of butts and trash properly. Thanks very much, and Happy Holidays…

Our Committees are Re-Grouping!

The Association’s Committees are all in the process of regrouping and making their plans for the 2023 calendar year.  This includes the Access Committee, Aesthetics Committee, Architectural Committee, Amenities Committee, and Landscape Committee.  The last of these recently toured the exterior with our landscape service and some improvements are planned, with others set for the Spring.  Anyone for a Social Committee???

2023 Giving Tree Update!

As previously noted, West Ocean’s Giving Tree this year is going to support the Adopt a Family program at The Guidance Center “TGC”.  The project was kicked off on Monday November 17th with residents & staff from TGC in attendance.

With their headquarters located in Downtown Long Beach, The Guidance Center, est in 1946, provides comprehensive mental health treatment to our community’s most disadvantaged children and families struggling with mental illness and abuse, leading them toward a positive and productive future.

We are into our third week and many thanks to all those that have already pledged a donation. It’s now time for the rest of us to pledge either a gift card or adopt a family. Here is an example of a small family:

Single mother with 2 kids, of which the 6-year-old girl was referred to The Guidance Center by the pediatrician due to concern about her speech delay, chewing on non-edible objects, bed wetting, and aggressive behavior towards others. Mother noticed that this behavior started when the father, the breadwinner of the family, abandoned them in May and they were subsequently evicted. The older brother 15, has Autism and receives special education classes as well as physical therapy. The family does not have access to all their belongings, and mother fears they will not get them back. Little girl misses her toys, the house she grew up in, and her dad. Adopt-a-Family will make a huge difference with this family! Not only will the donations bring a huge smile to their face, but it will also let them know that they are not alone during these tough times. 

If you have any questions, please contact Hilda Tourians at  

Automatic/Push Button Doors Project

Most residents may be wondering, “What happened to the automatic doors that were going to be installed?”  Well, in the near future, Stanley Doors together with National Fail Safe will be installing automatic open/close doors at 20 common area locations that function by pushing a large button mounted aside each door.  These doors will be in the common areas on garage and lobby levels through both Towers. We’ve received the required permit from the City and are now awaiting final approval from the LBFD.  Please look for updates on this project in the coming weeks!

Sunday Express Success!

This past Sunday was my first Sunday Express in our Banquet Room and it was great! It was great to meet so many West Ocean residents and share in such a warm and slightly less informal atmosphere. Thank you to all whom I spoke with and welcomed me so graciously as your new General Manager! I look forward to continuing to broaden communications, keeping everyone informed about Association maintenance and administrative projects, and maintaining transparency of operations, while also working to strengthen our sense of community here at West Ocean. Soon I will be posting a revamped Newsletter, which I hope to use as a key vehicle in my communication efforts. Please look for the November, inaugural issue by mid-month!


Craig Phillips, West Ocean G.M.

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