Manager’s Messages

Meetings This Week - 6/26 & 6/27

On Monday, June 26th, West Ocean will be hosting the Ocean Residential Community Association meeting in the Tower 2 Multi-purpose Room. The meet and greet will begin at 6:30 p.m. This will be followed by the actual meeting at 7:00 p.m.

On Tuesday, June 27th, the West Ocean Association will have its next Association meeting. The meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. in the Tower 1 Banquet Room. If you’re unable to be there in-person, you have the option of attending via Zoom. Simply contact management for the log-in information.

Window & Garage Cleaning

The window cleaning of Tower 2 will continue next week. The cleaning team will be on-site, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day. During these times, please be aware that one of the cleaners could be working outside of your home(s). If you would like additional window cleaning services, please complete a form at either front desk by end of day on Monday. After Monday, the service can no longer be offered.

The annual garage cleaning will begin on Monday, June 19th and will last through Thursday, June 22nd. The cleaning schedule will be as follows:

  • Monday, June 19th – The cleaning of Tower 2 spaces on level 1, P1, and P2
  • Tuesday, June 20th – The cleaning of Tower 2 spaces on P3 and P4, and the P4 spaces of Tower 1
  • Wednesday, June 21st – The cleaning of the P1 spaces for Tower 1
  • Thursday, June 22nd – The cleaning of the Tower 1 spaces on P2 and P3

Sauna & Window Cleaning

The new heater for the pool deck sauna has been installed and the sauna is ready for your enjoyment.

The window cleaning for Tower 1 has been completed and the window cleaning crew has moved onto Tower 2. As a reminder, if you would like to have your balcony and/or exterior windows cleaned, make sure to fill out a form for this service at the front desk. There is a cost associated with the extra services. Checks are to be made out to MPM Window Washing.

Fire Safety & Upcoming Social Events

With the recent kitchen fire that occurred on Friday (5/19) in a neighboring building on Ocean Boulevard, please take a minute and watch this video:

In addition to these tips, fire extinguishers can be found in the common areas of the residential floors next to the trash chutes.

The next Sunday Express event will take place on Sunday, June 4th in the Tower 1 Banquet Room from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Should you have any questions about the event, please email

The West Ocean Book Club will be meeting June 21 at 7pm to discuss Crossroads: A Novel by Jonathan Franzen (fiction, 2022, 593 pages). Bring a drink and snacks and join us in the Tower 2 Multipurpose Room or via Zoom at (Meeting ID: 833 5752 8100, Passcode: 982667). 

It’s December 23, 1971, and heavy weather is forecast for Chicago. Russ Hildebrandt, the associate pastor of a liberal suburban church, is on the brink of breaking free of a marriage he finds joyless―unless his wife, Marion, who has her own secret life, beats him to it. Their eldest child, Clem, is coming home from college on fire with moral absolutism, having taken an action that will shatter his father. Clem’s sister, Becky, long the social queen of her high-school class, has sharply veered into the counterculture, while their brilliant younger brother Perry, who’s been selling drugs to seventh graders, has resolved to be a better person. Each of the Hildebrandts seeks a freedom that each of the others threatens to complicate.

Jonathan Franzen’s novels are celebrated for their unforgettably vivid characters and for their keen-eyed take on contemporary America. Now, in Crossroads, Franzen ventures back into the past and explores the history of two generations. With characteristic humor and complexity, and with even greater warmth, he conjures a world that resonates powerfully with our own.

Pool Heater & Window Washing

The Association’s pool vendor has been to the building this morning, and the new pool heater has been installed. The water temperature will remain between 86 and 88 degrees.

The next round of window washing will begin on Wednesday (5/17) at approximately 9:00 a.m. on Tower 1. The entire window cleaning process will take approximately one month to complete. Please be advised, the window cleaning team will be on-site every week, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day until the cleaning is completed. While the cleaning is in progress, there’s the possibility of workers being outside of your home.

Annual Meeting Election & IRS Revenue Ruling 70-604 Voting Results

The results of the Association’s Annual Meetings election and IRS revenue ruling 70-604 voting are in.

For the Board of Directors election, a total of seven candidates were in the running for three open positions. The three open Board positions were awarded to Mike Dunfee, Oscar Orci, and William Resh as they were the top three vote getters. Thank you to all members that took the time to participate.

The IRS Revenue Ruling 70-604 was approved with a vote of eighty yeses, two no votes, and four abstaining. With this approval, any excess funds from the 2023 operating budget will remain in the Association’s operating account.

The Association’s Board of Directors and positions:

  • Ron Cheek – President
  • William Resh – Vice President
  • Wendy Sauls – Treasurer
  • Oscar Orci – Secretary
  • Mike Dunfee – Board Member at Large

Annual Meeting - Tuesday 4/25

As a reminder, the Association’s Annual Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 25th at 7:00 p.m. in the Tower 1 Banquet Room. If you’re unable to attend in-person, you also have the ability to attend via Zoom. Please contact building management for the Zoom information if interested.

If you have yet to vote, you have until 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday to submit your ballot. If you never received a ballot, or misplaced yours, ballots are available at the front desk of each tower.

Should you have any questions about the ballot or how the cumulative voting works, please contact Shawn Bieber (Interim General Manager) at, or, just stop by the management office in Tower 2.

West Ocean Pet Rules & Protocols

Our Pet Rules are pretty standard for homeowners associations, in that domestic dogs, cats, birds or other customary household pets may be kept in each Unit, provided that they are not kept, bred or maintained for commercial purposes or in unreasonable quantities. Notwithstanding, no more than two (2) pets total, in any combinations, whether dogs or cats, may be kept in each Unit (effective 12/15/15). As specified in the Association’s CC&Rs, No person may keep an animal that is determined by the Board to be a nuisance to other residents.  The Board has the power and discretion to determine whether the type, size or number of animals kept by any resident are a nuisance, and the Board shall have the power to abate the nuisance through any legal procedure that is available to the Association.  All pets should be suitable for living in confined quarters.  Animals belonging to Owners, tenants, residents or guests, must be kept in the Unit (and shall not be left or located on the terrace/patio/balcony element of the Unit at any time). When outside the Unit, animals must be kept under control of a Person capable of controlling the animal either on a leash or other appropriate restraint. Furthermore, each Owner shall be absolutely liable to each and all remaining Owners, their families, tenants, residents and guests, for damages or injuries caused by any animals brought or kept on the Properties by an Owner, by members of the Owner’s Family, or by the Owner’s tenants, residents or guests.

Pets must not be allowed to relieve themselves in interior common Areas or Exclusive Use Areas such as balconies and patios. Each Pet Owner shall immediately remove any animal waste or clean other unsanitary conditions caused by such Owner’s animals on any portion of the Properties or any public street or private roadway abutting or visible from the property. If a Pet Owner needs assistance in properly cleaning up a soiled area inside the common areas, they are to immediately notify the Front Desk Associate for housekeeping assistance in order to ensure proper and sanitary cleaning. All Pet Owners shall carry with them the necessary means to remove animal waste. If a Pet Owner fails to immediately remove any animal waste or clean other unsanitary conditions caused by such Pet Owner’s animals, such Pet Owner may be subject to a Special Assessment or other Board imposed action, including prohibiting the pet in the Properties.

All animals, excluding Service dogs, must be carried, or walked on a short leash, and under complete control of their owner and/or handler when entering or exiting the building.  Animals, excluding Service dogs, are not allowed in the pool deck area or any other common area other than in hallways and elevators going to or from their units.  Dogs and cats are allowed access to the various parking levels if they are being taken to or from a vehicle.

The Board requires that all dogs and cats be registered with building management.

Contractor Selection Process at West Ocean

We’d like to provide some clarification on unit owners’ ability to select and utilize contractors and service providers for everyday maintenance work, as well as larger repairs and remodeling work in their units. While West Ocean does keep a list of vendors that provide a variety of services, these are vendors for whom we have licensing and insurance information on file, and for which we’ve gotten good reviews from other owners, and in some cases from staff when they have done work on behalf of the Association. We keep this list as a way to assist unit owners. However, unit owners are not “required” to use these vendors; you can utilize any contractor or vendor you select, but they must submit current licensing and general liability and workers compensation insurance certificates to Association personnel – before they arrive to do any work. This allows us to confirm all is in order, which we also do as a service for our residents in case this information wasn’t previously checked. So when looking for a service provider or contractor to perform general maintenance work or more major renovations or remodeling, please keep this information in mind, and if you have any questions at all, reach out to our Management Team for assistance.

Reporting Leaks and Overflows: Immediate Actions to Take

As our Towers continue to age, as all buildings do, we will likely have more plumbing related issues.  Recently, the Front Desk Staff was provided with some additional information on how to qualify and handle reports of leaks and overflows.  This was done to assist them with understanding the types of leak/overflows that occur, what needs to be done by residents and staff, and how to expedite the steps involved. 

We’d also like to provide some information to residents to assist with such events when they occur.  The most common water events we experience are overflows of sinks and toilets, due to blockages in the line, bathtub overflows, leaks in supply lines and drain lines, and leaks from plumbing fixtures such as ….  pin-hole pipe leaks – could be anywhere behind the walls, and angle stop leaks—the valve behind toilet, under sinks, etc.  If you ever experience one of these issues, do you best to stop the flow of water and immediately call the front desk.  Be prepared to answer a short series of questions so the staff member can qualify the nature of the leak or overflow.  They will immediately contact our Engineer who will take the appropriate action based on the information relayed to them by our Front Desk Team member.  If our housekeeping staff is still on site they are also informed to go to your unit to assist in whatever way possible.  In the event of a larger leak or overflow, we also have basic equipment onsite to assist with cleanups until the emergency restoration company arrives onsite, which is part of our protocol during any major water loss event.

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