West Ocean Pet Rules & Protocols

Posted By on March 2, 2023

Our Pet Rules are pretty standard for homeowners associations, in that domestic dogs, cats, birds or other customary household pets may be kept in each Unit, provided that they are not kept, bred or maintained for commercial purposes or in unreasonable quantities. Notwithstanding, no more than two (2) pets total, in any combinations, whether dogs or cats, may be kept in each Unit (effective 12/15/15). As specified in the Association’s CC&Rs, No person may keep an animal that is determined by the Board to be a nuisance to other residents.  The Board has the power and discretion to determine whether the type, size or number of animals kept by any resident are a nuisance, and the Board shall have the power to abate the nuisance through any legal procedure that is available to the Association.  All pets should be suitable for living in confined quarters.  Animals belonging to Owners, tenants, residents or guests, must be kept in the Unit (and shall not be left or located on the terrace/patio/balcony element of the Unit at any time). When outside the Unit, animals must be kept under control of a Person capable of controlling the animal either on a leash or other appropriate restraint. Furthermore, each Owner shall be absolutely liable to each and all remaining Owners, their families, tenants, residents and guests, for damages or injuries caused by any animals brought or kept on the Properties by an Owner, by members of the Owner’s Family, or by the Owner’s tenants, residents or guests.

Pets must not be allowed to relieve themselves in interior common Areas or Exclusive Use Areas such as balconies and patios. Each Pet Owner shall immediately remove any animal waste or clean other unsanitary conditions caused by such Owner’s animals on any portion of the Properties or any public street or private roadway abutting or visible from the property. If a Pet Owner needs assistance in properly cleaning up a soiled area inside the common areas, they are to immediately notify the Front Desk Associate for housekeeping assistance in order to ensure proper and sanitary cleaning. All Pet Owners shall carry with them the necessary means to remove animal waste. If a Pet Owner fails to immediately remove any animal waste or clean other unsanitary conditions caused by such Pet Owner’s animals, such Pet Owner may be subject to a Special Assessment or other Board imposed action, including prohibiting the pet in the Properties.

All animals, excluding Service dogs, must be carried, or walked on a short leash, and under complete control of their owner and/or handler when entering or exiting the building.  Animals, excluding Service dogs, are not allowed in the pool deck area or any other common area other than in hallways and elevators going to or from their units.  Dogs and cats are allowed access to the various parking levels if they are being taken to or from a vehicle.

The Board requires that all dogs and cats be registered with building management.