Contractor Selection Process at West Ocean

Posted By on February 16, 2023

We’d like to provide some clarification on unit owners’ ability to select and utilize contractors and service providers for everyday maintenance work, as well as larger repairs and remodeling work in their units. While West Ocean does keep a list of vendors that provide a variety of services, these are vendors for whom we have licensing and insurance information on file, and for which we’ve gotten good reviews from other owners, and in some cases from staff when they have done work on behalf of the Association. We keep this list as a way to assist unit owners. However, unit owners are not “required” to use these vendors; you can utilize any contractor or vendor you select, but they must submit current licensing and general liability and workers compensation insurance certificates to Association personnel – before they arrive to do any work. This allows us to confirm all is in order, which we also do as a service for our residents in case this information wasn’t previously checked. So when looking for a service provider or contractor to perform general maintenance work or more major renovations or remodeling, please keep this information in mind, and if you have any questions at all, reach out to our Management Team for assistance.