Reporting Leaks and Overflows: Immediate Actions to Take

Posted By on January 27, 2023

As our Towers continue to age, as all buildings do, we will likely have more plumbing related issues.  Recently, the Front Desk Staff was provided with some additional information on how to qualify and handle reports of leaks and overflows.  This was done to assist them with understanding the types of leak/overflows that occur, what needs to be done by residents and staff, and how to expedite the steps involved. 

We’d also like to provide some information to residents to assist with such events when they occur.  The most common water events we experience are overflows of sinks and toilets, due to blockages in the line, bathtub overflows, leaks in supply lines and drain lines, and leaks from plumbing fixtures such as ….  pin-hole pipe leaks – could be anywhere behind the walls, and angle stop leaks—the valve behind toilet, under sinks, etc.  If you ever experience one of these issues, do you best to stop the flow of water and immediately call the front desk.  Be prepared to answer a short series of questions so the staff member can qualify the nature of the leak or overflow.  They will immediately contact our Engineer who will take the appropriate action based on the information relayed to them by our Front Desk Team member.  If our housekeeping staff is still on site they are also informed to go to your unit to assist in whatever way possible.  In the event of a larger leak or overflow, we also have basic equipment onsite to assist with cleanups until the emergency restoration company arrives onsite, which is part of our protocol during any major water loss event.