Manager’s Update – 10/27/22

Posted By on October 27, 2022

For those owners who weren’t able to attend the Board meeting on Tuesday evening, the Board made decisions on a number of items, and a number of project updates were noted. Below please find information on a number of projects that we’ve picked back up on!

BALCONY DECK RE-COATING PROJECT – MPM will be finishing the balcony surface recoating project this week, and have re-inspected a few balconies that have some minor sloping problems, the correction for which they are scheduling over the next couple of weeks.

TOWER 1 BANQUET ROOM KITCHENETTE UPGRADE – As one of the final common area renovation/improvement projects, the Board has authorized Montes de Oca Construction to remodel the back wall of the kitchenette in the Banquet Room to include new counters, cabinets, and a stove. This project start in the coming weeks and will be done concurrently with the project noted below…

POOL AREA SHOWER TILING REPAIRS – The Board has also authorized Montes de Oca Construction to make all necessary leak repairs and re-tile the shower in the pool area.

TRASH CHUTE REPAIRS – The Chute Doctor has advised that all components and materials necessary for completing the major repairs to the chute in Tower 2, and the more minor repairs to the chute in Tower 1, have been received (finally) and they will be starting the project on November 8th. The project will start with the repairs to the chute in Tower 2 and will likely take about a week to complete. More info will be provide as soon as it becomes available.

PUSH BUTTON / AUTOMATIC DOORS IN COMMON AREAS – We have a group of 3 contractors who will be involved in installing 20 automatic open doors that function by pushing a large button. These doors will be in the common areas on garage and lobby levels through both Towers. We’ve received the required permit from the City and are now awaiting final approval from the LBFD.

*** BUDGET PREPARATION & RESERVE STUDY UPDATE – The Board and Management have been diligently working on the Proposed 2023 Budget, which incorporates the information contained in our Reserve Study Update for 2023. Please note that a Budget Presentation meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 8th to go over with the membership the key points of the budget and how assessment levels will be impacted. *Please look for more info on the time and location of the meeting which will be posted and emailed to all owners in the near future.