Travel Club!

Posted By on December 14, 2018

Join us this coming Monday, Dec 17th as we travel the roads of the USA and Canada!

“Dew Drop and Weed, Osoyoos and Mouse Jaw, Medicine Hat and Wabigoon are just a few of the highlights of our cross-two-countries month-long road trip. We saw Jonesboro, Greensboro, Greenwood, and at least four Greenvilles. Our 7,782 mile adventure took us through California’s Gold Country, across five Canadian provinces, through Ottawa and Thousand Islands, into Washington DC and Knoxville Tennessee, along the Natchez Trace, into the middle of Mississippi, and across Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. This was our tenth cross-country trip, and we tried to see places that we had always wanted to see but had missed before. Along the way, we discovered and learned much more than we expected.” – our host, Olga Lichten

If you are interested in joining the meeting, let us know by RSVP to Please bring your own drink and a dish to share. Hope to see you there!