Travel Club!

Posted By on October 19, 2018

From the Travel Club: “Wedged between India and China, the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is a small, landlocked country sometimes called the “Switzerland of Asia.” Until the 1970s, Bhutan chose to exist in isolation, shunning the outside world to preserve its unique cultural identity, pristine environment, and sacred Buddhist way of life. It was the last country in the world to introduce television in 1999 and became one of Asia’s youngest democracies in 2008. Bhutan is known for its unique philosophy of Gross National Happiness (GNH) and uses the GNH index to measure the collective happiness of its people rather than just the country’s economic output or GDP.

Let’s explore Bhutan! This coming Monday, October 22 at 6:30pm in the Tower 2 Multi-Purpose Room, we will be visiting Bhutan together. Your host Prudence Huang took two trips to Bhutan in the past 6 years, and she has many breath-taking pictures and incredible stories to share with you.

If you are interested in joining the meeting, please let us know by RSVP to or Please bring your own drinks and a dish to share.”