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Our Committees are Re-Grouping!

The Association’s Committees are all in the process of regrouping and making their plans for the 2023 calendar year.  This includes the Access Committee, Aesthetics Committee, Architectural Committee, Amenities Committee, and Landscape Committee.  The last of these recently toured the exterior with our landscape service and some improvements are planned, with others set for the Spring.  Anyone for a Social Committee???

2023 Giving Tree Update!

As previously noted, West Ocean’s Giving Tree this year is going to support the Adopt a Family program at The Guidance Center “TGC”.  The project was kicked off on Monday November 17th with residents & staff from TGC in attendance.

With their headquarters located in Downtown Long Beach, The Guidance Center, est in 1946, provides comprehensive mental health treatment to our community’s most disadvantaged children and families struggling with mental illness and abuse, leading them toward a positive and productive future.

We are into our third week and many thanks to all those that have already pledged a donation. It’s now time for the rest of us to pledge either a gift card or adopt a family. Here is an example of a small family:

Single mother with 2 kids, of which the 6-year-old girl was referred to The Guidance Center by the pediatrician due to concern about her speech delay, chewing on non-edible objects, bed wetting, and aggressive behavior towards others. Mother noticed that this behavior started when the father, the breadwinner of the family, abandoned them in May and they were subsequently evicted. The older brother 15, has Autism and receives special education classes as well as physical therapy. The family does not have access to all their belongings, and mother fears they will not get them back. Little girl misses her toys, the house she grew up in, and her dad. Adopt-a-Family will make a huge difference with this family! Not only will the donations bring a huge smile to their face, but it will also let them know that they are not alone during these tough times. 

If you have any questions, please contact Hilda Tourians at  

Automatic/Push Button Doors Project

Most residents may be wondering, “What happened to the automatic doors that were going to be installed?”  Well, in the near future, Stanley Doors together with National Fail Safe will be installing automatic open/close doors at 20 common area locations that function by pushing a large button mounted aside each door.  These doors will be in the common areas on garage and lobby levels through both Towers. We’ve received the required permit from the City and are now awaiting final approval from the LBFD.  Please look for updates on this project in the coming weeks!

Sunday Express Success!

This past Sunday was my first Sunday Express in our Banquet Room and it was great! It was great to meet so many West Ocean residents and share in such a warm and slightly less informal atmosphere. Thank you to all whom I spoke with and welcomed me so graciously as your new General Manager! I look forward to continuing to broaden communications, keeping everyone informed about Association maintenance and administrative projects, and maintaining transparency of operations, while also working to strengthen our sense of community here at West Ocean. Soon I will be posting a revamped Newsletter, which I hope to use as a key vehicle in my communication efforts. Please look for the November, inaugural issue by mid-month!


Craig Phillips, West Ocean G.M.

Manager's Update - 10/27/22

For those owners who weren’t able to attend the Board meeting on Tuesday evening, the Board made decisions on a number of items, and a number of project updates were noted. Below please find information on a number of projects that we’ve picked back up on!

BALCONY DECK RE-COATING PROJECT – MPM will be finishing the balcony surface recoating project this week, and have re-inspected a few balconies that have some minor sloping problems, the correction for which they are scheduling over the next couple of weeks.

TOWER 1 BANQUET ROOM KITCHENETTE UPGRADE – As one of the final common area renovation/improvement projects, the Board has authorized Montes de Oca Construction to remodel the back wall of the kitchenette in the Banquet Room to include new counters, cabinets, and a stove. This project start in the coming weeks and will be done concurrently with the project noted below…

POOL AREA SHOWER TILING REPAIRS – The Board has also authorized Montes de Oca Construction to make all necessary leak repairs and re-tile the shower in the pool area.

TRASH CHUTE REPAIRS – The Chute Doctor has advised that all components and materials necessary for completing the major repairs to the chute in Tower 2, and the more minor repairs to the chute in Tower 1, have been received (finally) and they will be starting the project on November 8th. The project will start with the repairs to the chute in Tower 2 and will likely take about a week to complete. More info will be provide as soon as it becomes available.

PUSH BUTTON / AUTOMATIC DOORS IN COMMON AREAS – We have a group of 3 contractors who will be involved in installing 20 automatic open doors that function by pushing a large button. These doors will be in the common areas on garage and lobby levels through both Towers. We’ve received the required permit from the City and are now awaiting final approval from the LBFD.

*** BUDGET PREPARATION & RESERVE STUDY UPDATE – The Board and Management have been diligently working on the Proposed 2023 Budget, which incorporates the information contained in our Reserve Study Update for 2023. Please note that a Budget Presentation meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 8th to go over with the membership the key points of the budget and how assessment levels will be impacted. *Please look for more info on the time and location of the meeting which will be posted and emailed to all owners in the near future.

Plumbing Leak Protocols at West Ocean

The intent of this article is to explain in simple terms how leak events are handled at West Ocean, and what the responsibilities are for all the parties involved.  It’s important to note that about 90-95% of the leaks that occur are related to failed components inside individual units for which unit owners are responsible.  

Let’s start with “small leak” events.  The most common example here would be when the caulking of a unit’s shower/tub fails, or when the shower pan below it or the overflow drain decays to the point of leaking.  This usually results in water leaking into the bathroom of the unit directly below. It manifests itself by dripping directly through the ceiling drywall or possibly the light fixture.  Small toilet leaks due to a supply line leak or overflow could also cause such a leak, as could a supply line issue from the vanity sink.  When this occurs, the front desk is usually contacted, and they help to try to qualify the nature of the leak and assist the resident with contacting the neighbors above and/or adjacent to advise them to immediately stop using the bathroom in question until our Maintenance Staff can fully assess the leak the next day, if it’s after hours.  At that point, Management and/or Engineering contacts the parties involved and explains to them each of their responsibilities.  For the leak source unit owners, this includes scheduling a plumber immediately to fully source out and repair the leak, and then work with the impacted owners below to ensure any damages caused are repaired—at their expense since the leak damage was caused by a failed component in their unit.  Some folks like to get their insurance company involved, which is always recommended.  This is an owner to owner issue, and West Ocean owners are responsible for handling matters related to small leaks such as these in a reasonable and responsible manner.

Now, with regard to “Large Leaks/Floods”… The most common examples here would include when an older, unmaintained water heater fails, or when a wax toilet seal that’s never been changed fails, or when a toilet or sink water supply line fails.  When something like this happens it could be a gusher or an insidious leak that goes on for days/weeks until finally discovered.  Either way, the damage done extends to multiple units and common areas.  Per Association policy, the Management Team immediately dispatches an Emergency Restoration company to help with water extraction, moisture detection readings, drying equipment, and overall impact assessment and reporting.  This is done on behalf of all impacted residents and to minimize damages to all areas.  Typically the restoration company takes the lead and in conjunction with the Management and Engineering teams work with all impacted unit owners to ensure pertinent information is disbursed fully and expeditiously.  They handle the leak in 3 phases:  1) Emergency Restoration—includes the steps noted above, 2) Abatement—includes scheduling testing for asbestos, lead, mold and obtaining clearances from the appropriate authorities as necessary, then removing damages building materials that cannot be saved.  And 3) Renovations— the restoration of the units to their original condition—including drywall, flooring (depending upon improvements made and insurance coverage provisions , and other damaged components.  In some cases the Association or unit owner may utilize a different contractor for the renovation phase.

Sunday Express to Re-Start!

It’s been a while since the community had a social gathering, so we’ve decided to re-start our Sunday Express events in the Banquet Room of Tower 1. The grand re-staring event will be held on Sunday, October 30th, and yours truly, Craig Phillips, the new General Manager at West Ocean will be on hand to meet and greet those who attend! I’m very much looking forward to the event, so please stop by if you can… In my short time here at West Ocean, its become quite apparent that a great many projects have been on hold, or slowed down, but things are picking up and I’ll be happy to share and talk about them with you in this slightly less formal setting on October 30th!

Sunday Express & Appreciation Gathering for Hamlet Vazquez!

All Residents are invited to join us on Sunday, July 3rd for our monthly Sunday Express, and to wish our General Manager, Hamlet Vazquez, all the best as he leaves us after a 12 year tenure at West Ocean!

Join us from 10am-11:30am in the Tower 1 Banquet Room and pool deck for some fresh pastries, donuts, yogurt and fresh fruit, juice and coffee! Mimosas will be available for the first 50 residents who attend!

This is a great way to get to know your neighbors, and your Board Members who are always in attendance! Come and meet your fellow West Ocean residents! We hope to see you there!

Book Club! - new date

We welcome you to join us on Wednesday, June 29th, 2022 at 7pm in the Tower 2 Multi-Purpose Room or via Zoom to discuss the book, “Vanderbilt: The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty” by Anderson Cooper, Katherine Howe, et al.  

“The Vanderbilt name conjures up images of wealth and high society, and in this glittering biography Anderson Cooper and historian Katherine Howe give us a rare insider’s view of his storied family—its heirs and spouses, affairs, and rivalries—and how a great fortune was made, fought over, spent, and eventually lost. The story of the Vanderbilts is a quintessential American fairy tale that began with Cooper’s savvy but ruthless great-great-great-grandfather, nicknamed the Commodore, who amassed a tremendous fortune in his lifetime, one that by the 21st century would be gone.

In Vanderbilt, readers are invited into the lavish balls, opulent homes, and fascinating lives of the generations who followed the Commodore, culminating with Gloria Vanderbilt, Cooper’s mother, whose story is told with extra care and compassion. Rich in detail and personality, Vanderbilt beautifully transports readers back in time to the glory days of the Gilded Age, and the subsequent scandals, successes, and excesses of a true American dynasty.” Seira Wilson, Amazon Editor.

Sound interesting? If so, start reading and join us on June 29th at 7pm in the Tower 2 Multi-Purpose Room or via Zoom. We hope to see you there!

Sunday Express!

All Residents are invited to join us for Sunday Express on Sunday June 5th, 10am-11:30am in the Tower 1 Banquet Room/Pool Deck. Come and enjoy fresh donuts, bagels and pastries, fresh fruit, fresh juice, yogurt and coffee! And, most importantly, come and get to know your neighbors!

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