Manager’s Messages

West Ocean Pet Rules & Protocols

Our Pet Rules are pretty standard for homeowners associations, in that domestic dogs, cats, birds or other customary household pets may be kept in each Unit, provided that they...

Contractor Selection Process at West Ocean

We’d like to provide some clarification on unit owners’ ability to select and utilize contractors and service providers for everyday maintenance work, as well as larger repairs and remodeling...

Reporting Leaks and Overflows: Immediate Actions to Take

As our Towers continue to age, as all buildings do, we will likely have more plumbing related issues.  Recently, the Front Desk Staff was provided with some additional information...

Toilet Maintenance—Failed Wax Seals Can Cost You !!!

While we use them daily, many folks don’t know exactly how a toilet functions, or the components used when one is installed.  We’ll bypass the functioning part, but there...

Trash Chute Door System Status

The pneumatic system that operates the trash chute doors on all the floors is failing.  On several floors our Engineer has had to remove the red operating button and...

Cigarette Butt Disposal

Sadly, this is not the first time I’ve ever written about this topic, but I suppose as a High Rise Manager it is somewhat inevitable… Recently, I have again...

Our Committees are Re-Grouping!

The Association’s Committees are all in the process of regrouping and making their plans for the 2023 calendar year.  This includes the Access Committee, Aesthetics Committee, Architectural Committee, Amenities...

2023 Giving Tree Update!

As previously noted, West Ocean’s Giving Tree this year is going to support the Adopt a Family program at The Guidance Center “TGC”.  The project was kicked off on...

Automatic/Push Button Doors Project

Most residents may be wondering, “What happened to the automatic doors that were going to be installed?”  Well, in the near future, Stanley Doors together with National Fail Safe will...

Sunday Express Success!

This past Sunday was my first Sunday Express in our Banquet Room and it was great! It was great to meet so many West Ocean residents and share in...


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